Solar System locations for Celestia

Celestia is 3D space simulator that allows for virtual tours across our Galaxy and beyond. One of its features is ability to mark astrographical locations such as craters, mountains and valleys on the surfaces of celestial bodies (planets, moons and asteroids).

The catalogue of astrographical names adopted by International Astronomical Union is maintained on Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature – USGS Astrogeology Science Center site.  As of Jun 5, 2015 there is over 15000 named locations.

Unfortunately, Celestia was last updated in 2011 and in the meantime IAU added a few thousand new astrographical locations. The files I developed provide data current as of Jun 5, 2015 and will be updated bi/tri-monthly.

Detailed instructions and informations are included in addon’s archive. Please note that before installing new version you should remove previous one.