Moon Hyperion in Celestia space simulator.

Update of Solar System locations for Celestia

Today, I’ve updated the Solar System locations add-on for Celestia. New version sees the addition of all new features added by International Astronomical Union up to 2015.05.28 Apart from new locations, some features were removed:

  • Asteroids – Celestia’s base install lacks some of asteroids that have locations assigned
  • Puck and Proteus – no coordinates given at IAU page and images are too ambiguous

Also in this version:

  • Location names contain Unicode characters
  • I’ve corrected the position of Hyperion’s Helios crater
  • I’ve written exhaustive readme file

Have fun! ­čÖé

2 thoughts on “Update of Solar System locations for Celestia”

  1. Hi

    did you upload a add on to the motherload

    i am checking add ons and in the past we have had a few imposters try to publish things

    if you did , i am currently checking it
    a few days ago i had a quick look here and was wondering why after 7 months a add on was submitted

    now i see a update to Hyperion
    ( my mesh and texture is in NEED of updating do to the last fly-by of Cassini )

    also be aware that i used a easy out in mapping.
    my north is not the REAL north

    1. Hello John,

      Yes, I’ve uploaded it to Motherlode – now and at the end of last year. In december my addon was rejected due to shortcomings in documentation. Now the docs are way better and I trust it will be accepted.

      Well, it’s hard to believe half a year passed. I’ve finished one work that absorbed me totally and started a more forgiving one. And during recent long weekend I’ve finally found a time to update, refine, check and improve both the addon and tool used to convert the data for it.

      As of Hyperion and basicaly any other body that’s going to significantly change due to discoveries – I wonder what’s the best approach to providing a location sets for it. In my addon I must match the meshes and textures found in base Celestia’s install as I can’t assume the user installed any particular 3rd party addon. But if you’d like to issue and addon and provide matching locations in it, it would make duplicates with locs existing either in base install or my addon. For now it seems that in new version I’d have to split this big .ssc file into multitude of one-file-per-body files. This would allow users to delete unneeded or conflicting files.

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